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Tooth Implants

from € 460

About the Mecca of dental tourism

Our dental office in Hungary is situated near the Austrian border, not far from Vienna. We provide all dental services to our patients on a really reasonable price. The medical and technical standard corresponds to the one in Western-Europe.
Genius Dent Ltd. was established at the beginning of 2004, since then we welcome our patients from all over Europe and we are continuously developing our dentistry. Modern treatment methods and a private laboratory make it possible to fulfill all demands of our patients: Complete surgical and implant treatments, tooth replacement with the most recent medical and laboratorial methods. From the beginning we provide our customers high-standard offers, and above all, we strive to establish a familiar atmosphere. Our customers take a very long trip, so we do our best so that they can feel really comfortable at our place. Our motto is that a calm work is only possible in a familiar atmosphere, therefore our full crew is there for our patients in order to fulfill everybody’s wish

Magdi Karácson Manager

Being an experienced manager I know how important it is to keep up with the latest innovations in dentistry and also in tooth technology in order to give the most perfect and high quality service to our patients.

Central Team doctors & collegaues

Our dentists are experienced specialists who take part continuously on trainings. The implant and tooth replacement is a routine task at us. They are highly qualified also in counselling..

Peter Karacson Laboratory Manager

Introduction part: Co-operating with our patients and dentists we prepare your denture, tooth replacement in the shortest time without 3-4 weeks waiting period, we remedy the eventual demands and problems right away!

The discounted price of the CAD-CAM zircon ceramic crown is

€ 300

Dental Taxi Service

We ensure the transfer from Vienna (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia) airport free of charge. Our driver will wait you with you name at the exit and transfers you to your accomodation. We also ensure the taxi between the dentistry and the accomodation free of charge.

Free consultation

Based on our wide experiences we strive to provide our patients the most perfect solution preserving the teeth on a reasonable price.


You can get back the feeling of the natural teeth with the help of the implanted artificial root (implants). It can firmly replace the missing tooth or teeth. The titanium screw finely adapts and easily infiltrates into the human bones, thus it perfectly replaces the missing root. The ceramic crown fixed to the implant-screw ensures the perfect bite, gives back the joy of the self-confident smile and the exact bite.

Crown & Bridges

All of our crowns made by different materials, are supplied with a ceramic coating. The ceramic coating ensures not only the nice and aesthetical smile but also the possibility of an eventual modification. The crown made of zirconium is especially nice, white and natural. The material that easily transfers the light, makes the crowns attractive as we get not a dull, grey shade. We apply crowns as hooks in case of bridge or partial denture as well. Theirs material can be:
* metal-ceramic * gold-ceramic * zirconium-ceramic * full ceramic * press-ceramic

Digital panoramic X-Ray

Our driver will wait you with your name at the exit Our modern X-ray diagnostic is able to prepare small- and, panoramic X-ray.

Artifical denture

During your first visit we take an impression, which will help the dentist to adjust the proper dental occlusion later. At your next visit the denture will be mounted on a wax-model so the patient can check how the final denture will look like. At the last visit we will give you the final denture and supply you with the proper cleaning and grooming advices.
2. THE PARTIAL DENTURES is recommended in case the patient did not lose all of his teeth. We can prepare partial dentures with clips which means that the replacement is fixed on your own teeth by the clips or after crowning the remaining teeth the clips will be fixed on the crowns. The denture supplied with a so-called slider is more aesthetical then the clips. In this case the metal part is invisible at the teeth.
There is a perfect method to stabilize the removable full denture with tooth implants. The implantation of the root does not make the denture a fixed replacement, but it stabilizes so much that it makes you feel like they are real teeth. The procedure of the treatment is similar to the fix teeth. The first step is to insert the tooth implants (4 pcs per jawbones), then comes the 4 months long healing period. During this period the patient gets a temporary removable denture, but this denture is not fixed to the implants. After 4 months we take an imprint from the jawbone and within 10 days we prepare the final denture. Necessarily, we have to make several imprints during these 10 days so that the final denture fits to the bone perfectly. You have to clean and groom the same way as the removable full denture.

Tooth filling, Inlay

Nowadays we distinguish the fillings by their sizes. Instead of the old amalgam filling, today only the white plastic fillings are used that have no harmful effect on our organism.
The dentist can prepare the smaller fillings on the spot, however there are cases when the cleaning drill takes so much tooth material out that the so-called inlay is a better solution. In this case the dentist prepares the place of the filling and takes an impression, then a dental technicians prepares the inlay in the laboratory. This kind of filling can be made of different materials: gradia (kind of plastic), ceramic and gold.

It is a longer and more complex procedure if the decay reaches the tooth root. We have to clean the bacteria from the root (or roots if more root is infected) that causes the big and intense pain and after the tooth has no other problem, we can perform the filling.

This procedure is the most important part of preserving the tooth. The treatment can take more time and needs more visit, however the result could be a long lasting, painless tooth. Thus the final step, the extraction, can be prevented.


Teeth whitening

The discoloured teeth are the past. Beautiful white teeth in 30 minutes! No side-effects, does not harm the teeth and provides the perfect result.

Tartar removal

Mouth grooming contains a lot of things; tooth-brushing, using of dental floss, and also removing the tartar.
Our experts dealing with mouth hygiene are ready to give the patients competent advices to questions either everyday or special ones.

The professional mouth hygiene treatment contains not only the removal of the tartar but also the instructions how to brush your teeth better and more thoroughly.

The tartar is basically the fossilized minerals that are separated out of the saliva.
Too much tartar can be the source of bacteria therefore it is recommended to remove it half-yearly. The extent and amount of the sediment can change individually that turns on aptitude and on your mouth hygiene.
The discolouration because of smoking – sediment like thin black lines – is not tartar. Just like the tartar, you can not remove it by tooth-brushing, certain discolouration can not be removed either by professional mouth treatment.

The professional tartar removal performed by our dental hygienist is made with the help of an ultrasound apparatus, and ends with a tooth polishing.

The teeth could be a little more sensitive after the treatment but basically we reach a comfortable, fresh feeling.

Tooth jewel

The use of a tooth jewel provides only aesthetical aims. After cleaning and polishing the surface of the tooth, we fix the jewel with an appropriate adhesive to the tooth.

A complete tooth replacement with an implant is accessible from € 830 altogether!

The discounted price of the CAD-CAM zircon ceramic crown is € 300

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